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PublicationTitleDateLink (if available for title)
Adanna Literary Journal Vashon Spring 2012 Click to read 
Alaska Quarterly Review Spring 2011  
Alehouse Rosary  Spring 2008  
Alligator Juniper Layover Fall 2008  
Another Chicago Magazine Spring 2005  
Another Chicago Magazine When I Was Straight [I Thought So Little of Sex] Spring 2014  
Anti-Poetry There's no hole on earth... Fall 2009 Click to read 
Anti-Poetry I'm drowning here... Fall 2009 Click to read 
Barrelhouse Vanna's Dream Winter 2008  
Barrow Street When I Was Straight [I Did Not Love Women] Fall 2013  
Bloom When I Was Straight [You Were Straight, Too] Spring 2014  
Bloom When I Was Straight [Everything Came to Me Vicariously] Spring 2014  
Boxcar Poetry Review For the New Year Spring 2008 Click to read 
Cadillac Cicatrix Portrait of the Child after the Fall Spring 2011 Click to read 
Cafe Review, The Lake Samish: Snow Summer 2007  
Carousel Détente Fall 2009  
Catch Up Mother Fall 2013 Click to read 
Cerise Press What Nimrod Should Have Known Spring 2010 Click to read 
Cimarron Review Return from Presque Isle Spring 2006  
Cold Mountain Review Fun Facts about the South Spring 2011  
Columbia Poetry Review from the Subjunctive Fantasia series (I) Spring 2011  
Cream City Review The Cartographer Fall 2010  
Cutthroat Prelude (What I Wish Had Happened) Spring 2013  
Cutthroat Peripeteia Spring 2013  
Denver Quarterly  A Gift Spring 2007  
Diner Ambiva-Lent Winter 2007  
Diner Epiphany Spring 2006  
diode Portrait of the Portrait as Simulacrum Spring 2012 Click to read 
Dislocate Shooting Pool with Anne Heche on the Day After Ellen & Portia's Wedding Spring 2010  
Dogwood Love Poem for Sisyphus Spring 2008  
Dogwood Childhood Spring 2007  
Dos Passos Review, The Empathy for Electra Spring 2008  
Drunken Boat The Generalist Spring 2009 Click to read or listen 
Drunken Boat The Opaque Dilemma of Daylight Spring 2009 Click to read or listen 
Eclipse Postmodern Poem: Personal Ad Spring 2012  
Eclipse After Spring 2012  
Fairy Tale Review Maidenhead Spring 2008  
Fiddleback, The Portrait of Sandra Bullock as the Last of the Movie Girlfriends Spring 2012 Click to read 
Fiddleback, The from the Subjunctive Fantasia series (II) Spring 2012 Click to read 
Fourth River, The Blake Fall 2008  
Fourth River, The Whidbey Fall 2008  
Front Porch The False Mirror Summer 2011 Click to read 
Front Porch Pentecost Summer 2011 Click to read 
Gargoyle Magazine Morton's Girl Fall 2009  
Gargoyle Magazine Hester Prynne & the Palinode... Fall 2009  
Georgetown Review If This Were the Last Poem Spring 2008  
Ghost Ocean Magazine Letter to Judy Garland as Francis Gumm Spring 2012 Click to read/listen 
Ghost Ocean Magazine Letter to Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale Spring 2012 Click to read/listen 
Gingko Tree Review "You can't marry someone..." Fall 2009  
Gingko Tree Review "Teach me from scratch..." Fall 2009  
Gingko Tree Review "Why don't you kiss her..." Fall 2009  
Gival Press The Lunar Plexus Fall 2005 Click to read 
Green Mountains Review Why the Moon Matters (co-authored with Denise Duhamel) Fall 2013  
Harpur Palate Portrait of Loneliness as a Carousel in the Off-Season Winter 2008  
Harpur Palate For Supper Summer 2007  
Hiram Poetry Review Mr. Clean Spring 2013  
Housefire The Things That Cannot Be Changed and Therefore Saved Summer 2012  
Hunger Mountain When Elijah Pritchett Goes to the Gym Summer 2011 Click to read 
Inscape Thinking of Carl Lull, His Deaf Mother, his Left Hand Spring 2013  
International Literary Quarterly When I Was Straight [I Could Tell My Mother How] Spring 2014  
International Literary Quarterly When I Was Straight [A Ruler Was Called a Straightedge] Spring 2014  
International Literary Quarterly When I Was Straight [It Was Like a Game of Red Rover] Spring 2014  
International Literary Quarterly When I Was Straight [There Was a Man in the Moon] Spring 2014  
International Literary Quarterly When I Was Straight [It Was a Shame. It Was a Phase.] Spring 2014  
Jai-Alai Magazine First Poem for Florida Winter 2014  
Juicebox Bathtub Spring 2008 Click to read 
Juked No Picnic Fall 2010 Click to read 
kill author "Or else." Spring 2012 Click to read or listen 
Literal Latte Fugue Fall 2007  
Louisville Public Art Project The Shelter a Word Makes Spring 2009 Click to read 
LUMINA When the Whole Office Learns I am a Lesbian Spring 2014  
New Guard Review, The Grammar Spring 2012  
New York Quarterly Nevermind Spring 2010  
New York Quarterly Semantics Spring 2010  
Nimrod Requiem for the White Bluff Watch Dog Spring 2008 Click to read 
Notre Dame Review The Fire Eater Spring 2008  
Offcourse Literary Journal Parts of Speech Summer 2007 Click to read 
Offcourse Literary Journal For Bridget Wilson, Whose Favorite Word Is/Was Eleemosynary Summer 2007 Click to read 
Offcourse Literary Journal For the Pretty Boy of the Starched White Shirts Summer 2007 Click to read 
Offcourse Literary Journal For Anna Shope, Who I Always Hated in High School Summer 2007 Click to read 
Open 24 Hours Bridges (Or a Letter to a Woman I Once Loved) Spring 2012  
Open 24 Hours Nostalgia Spring 2011  
Open 24 Hours Black Diamond Spring 2013  
Open 24 Hours Suburbs Spring 2013  
Open 24 Hours Sometimes Lightning Strikes Twice Spring 2012  
Open 24 Hours The Follower Spring 2010 Click to read 
PANK Vertebrae Fall 2010 Click to read 
PANK The Storm Fall 2010 Click to read 
Pebble Lake Review Roanoke Spring 2010 Click to read or listen 
Phoebe Law of Parsimony Fall 2007  
Picture Postcard Press Straits of Juan de Fuca Fall 2009 Click to read 
PoemMemoirStory red Fall 2013  
Poet Lore Self-Portrait in Ugly Pants Spring 2011  
Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf Moon Spring 2007  
Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf Postcard to Mother Spring 2005  
Prime Number Magazine Vanishing Summer 2013 Click to read 
Quarter After Eight Null Winter 2007  
REAL Portrait of the Moon as Meddling Mother Winter 2012  
REAL Portrait of the Father as Selenographer Winter 2012  
REAL Portrait of the Child as Prelapsarian Winter 2012  
Real South Magazine Tennessee Morning Fall 2012  
Real South Magazine V*A*C*A*N*C*Y Spring 2013  
Real South Magazine Via Negativa Spring 2013  
Real South Magazine At Your Parents' House Fall 2012  
Real South Magazine Extreme Unction Fall 2012  
Red Rock Review Mainland Fall 2008  
Red Rock Review Virginity Fall 2008  
Red Wheelbarrow Jericho Spring 2008  
Red Wheelbarrow Anemone Spring 2008  
Rio Grande Review Camano Summer 2008  
River & Sound Review Portrait of the Father as Gravity Summer 2009 Click to read 
Santa Fe Writers Project Evergreen Summer 2007 Click to read 
Santa Fe Writers Project When You Speak, I Listen Summer 2007 Click to read 
Santa Fe Writers Project Passing Summer 2007 Click to read 
SawMill After Math Spring 2011 Click to read 
Scrivener Creative Review Pangaea (3) Spring 2007  
Scrivener Creative Review Pangaea Spring 2007  
Scrivener Creative Review Pangaea (2) Spring 2007  
Scrivener Creative Review Pangaea (5) Spring 2007  
Scrivener Creative Review The Actuary Spring 2008  
Scrivener Creative Review Pangaea (4) Spring 2007  
Sinister Wisdom Watchword Spring 2009  
Sliver of Stone Postcard to Pastor Gary Jensen Spring 2013 Click to read 
Sliver of Stone Extinction of Useless Lights Spring 2013 Click to read 
Sliver of Stone Arthur Dimmesdale, Alone in the Closet with a Bloody Scourge Spring 2013 Click to read 
Spoon River Poetry Review Ekphrasis Spring 2013  
Spoon River Review, The Rip Tide Fall 2006  
Stand Magazine Portrait of Tolerance as a Picket Fence Spring 2011  
Stickman Review, The Vashon Winter 2007 Click to read 
Stickman Review, The Blake Winter 2007 Click to read 
::stonestone:: Latchkey Fall 2007 Click to read 
Swell Portrait of Jodie Foster as the First of the Movie Girlfriends Fall 2007 Click to read 
The Common When the Police Officer at the Private School Learns I am a Lesbian Summer 2013 Click to read 
The Common When I Was Straight [I Did Not Love Men as I Do Now] Spring 2014  
The Common When an Old Classmate Learns I am a Lesbian Spring 2014  
The Common When I Was Straight [There Were Always Theories] Summer 2013 Click to read 
Theodate Double Feature Spring 2013  
Tiger's Eye: A Journal of Poetry Dogwood Spring 2008  
Tiger's Eye: A Journal of Poetry A Diligence Foregone Spring 2008  
Tiger's Eye: A Journal of Poetry Hobart Street (Orange) Spring 2008  
Tiger's Eye: A Journal of Poetry The Dancer Spring 2008  
Trillium Literary Journal The Composite Fall 2010  
Trillium Literary Journal The Understudy  Fall 2010  
Tupelo Press Poetry Project We Leave the Beaches for the... Spring 2007 Click to read 
Tusculum Review, The Aubade Spring 2008  
Tusculum Review, The Yeager Spring 2008  
Versal blue Spring 2007  
Water-Stone Review Portrait of the Mother as the First Law of Thermodynamics Fall 2009  
Whiskey Island Magazine When Sharon at Work Learns I am a Lesbian Spring 2014  
Wicked Alice Headlines Fall 2009 Click to read 
Wicked Alice Gala Court, Sunrise Fall 2009 Click to read 
Wicked Alice Falls Fall 2009 Click to read 
Wicked Alice Starlight Fall 2009 Click to read 
Wicked Alice Nexus  Fall 2009 Click to read 
Zoland Poetry As I'm Told Spring 2009  
Showing 155 items