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PublicationTitleDateLink (if available for title)
Alaska Quarterly Review The Missing Sister Fall 2013  
Alaska Quarterly Review Carapace Fall 2008  
Alligator Juniper Gumshoes Spring 2013  
American Literary Review Prom Date Fall 2010 Click to read 
Arts & Letters Skin Spring 2011  
Bellingham Review The Gaze Spring 2014  
Bellingham Review Word Problems (co-auhored by Denise Duhamel) Spring 2014  
Blackbird Hourglass Winter 2014 Click to read 
Blackbird Hourglass (II) Winter 2014 Click to read 
Bloom Literary Journal Tremolo (excerpt) Spring 2013  
Boiler, The ID Bracelet Spring 2014 Click to read 
Brevity Call Me Fritz Winter 2011 Click to read 
Bridle Path Press The Genre Waltz Fall 2013 Click to read 
Cincinnati Review, The Pink (co-authored with Denise Duhamel) Spring 2014  
Cincinnati Review, The Red (co-authored with Denise Duhamel) Spring 2014  
Colere Gold Star Spring 2013  
Collision  Blood Fruit Spring 2006  
Colorado Review Full Circle: Maureen Seaton as Prime Mover in a New & Selected Poetic Cosmology, Fibonacci Batman Spring 2013 Click to read 
Cream City Review  Dreaming in Alpha Fall 2006  
dirtcakes Tomatoes Fall 2012  
Essay Daily On Reading Jeanette Winterson's "The Semiotics of Sex" (1995) as Ten Commandments for the Lesbian Writing Life Fall 2013 Click to read 
Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of Eight Hybrid Genres The Epistolary Enterprise: Fusing Artifact and Art Spring 2015  
Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of Eight Hybrid Genres Triptych Fall 2015  
Florida Book Review Review of He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices by Stephen S. Mills Summer 2013 Click to read 
Florida Book Review The Parallax Effect: Three Ways of Looking at Their Eyes Were Watching God Spring 2013 Click to read 
Florida Book Review Review of Things in My Backyard by Melissa garcia Criscuolo Fall 2012 Click to read 
Florida Book Review Review of Darkroom by Jazzy Danziger Spring 2013 Click to read 
Florida Book Review Review of Boat Girl: A Memoir of Youth, Love, and Fiberglass by Melanie Neale Fall 2012 Click to read 
Fourteen Hills The Flower of Afterthought Summer 2008  
Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction Meditation 32 Summer 2013  
Gulf Coast Black Fleece Spring 2005  
Harpur Palate Mrs. Brown [Or a Study of Death as All the Rage] Spring 2013  
Hippocampus Magazine The Book of Favorites Spring 2014 Click to read 
Hippocampus Magazine Only Child Spring 2012 Click to read 
Hunger Mountain Hourglass (IV) Fall 2013  
Impact: Journal for the Center of Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Teaching Ethically in Hybrid Classrooms: Critical Self-Reflection, Hidden Curricula, and the Politics of Invisibility Winter 2013 Click to read 
Inertia Magazine The Storyteller as Cartographer: Navigating the Fiction/Nonfiction Divide Summer 2012  
Jai-Alai Magazine If & Is: A Love Story Spring 2014  
King's English, The Queer Ducks Fall 2005 Click to read 
Lambda Literary Review A Symphony of Forms: Kevin Simmonds' Bend to It Makes Extraordinary Music Spring 2014  
Lambda Literary Review Triptych of Taboo and Telling-It-Like-It-Is: A Review of Aaron Smith's Appetite Spring 2013 Click to read 
Lambda Literary Review Darling and Guess Don't Solve for X, They Reimagine It, in the Inspired Collaboration, X Marks the Dress: A Registry Summer 2013 Click to read 
Lambda Literary Review How can I make any of this into a poem? Minnie Bruce Pratt's Crime Against Nature Exemplifies the Translation of Life into Art Summer 2013 Click to read 
Lambda Literary Review "No guide led me here/ but Virgil and everyone/ I ever met": Maureen McLane's This Blue as Perfect Confluence of High and Low Art Spring 2014 Click to read 
Lambda Literary Review "You Only Feel Invincible Twice in Your Life": For Julia Cohen, Collateral Light Must Be One of Those Times Fall 2013 Click to read 
Literal Latte Meditation 26 Fall 2007  
MacGuffin, The Triptych of My Aunt Linda... Winter 2009  
New Delta Review Meditation 29 Spring 2011 Click to read 
New South Anointing of the Sick Spring 2012  
New South Tell Me What You See: Visual Translation in the Art of Sara J. Northerner Spring 2012  
Night Owl Review of Best American Poetry 2013 Spring 2014 Click to read 
Nimrod The Unrhymables (co-authored with Denise Duhamel) Spring 2014  
No Tokens Threshold (co-authored with Denise Duhamel) Summer 2014  
Off the Rocks The Slant Fall 2005  
Oyez Review Mrs. Bennett [Or a Study of Serendipity that Doesn't Cover All the Bases] Spring 2014  
Passages North Two Minds: Writers on Writing, #30 Spring 2013 Click to read 
Passages North Mrs. Anderson [Or a Study of Apocalypse as an After-School Special] Spring 2012 Click to read 
PoemMemoirStory Green Fall 2014  
Quarter After Eight Black (co-authored with Denise Duhamel) Spring 2014  
Quiddity Matrimony Spring 2010 Click to listen 
Real South Magazine Empathy and the Essence of Particulars, Or--There's No Place Like a John Dufresne Novel Summer 2013  
Redivider Keepsake Spring 2009  
Renegade Writers Collective, Gertrude Stein Guest Blog Series On Literary Citizenship Fall 2013 Click to read 
River & Sound Review Before, During, After: A Triptych... Spring 2010 Click to read 
River & Sound Review Having it Always & All Ways: Reader as Traveler of Many Paths Summer 2013  
ROAR Magazine Mrs. Blaschke [Or a Study of the Ways Desire Can Transform Us] Spring 2013  
Rosebud Reconciliation Spring 2011  
Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie Reportage & the Self-Referential Arts Summer 2013 Click to read 
Saint Ann's Review White (co-authored with Denise Duhamel) Spring 2014  
Saint Ann's Review Blue (co-authored with Denise Duhamel) Spring 2014  
Salamander Eucharist Fall 2010  
Saranac Review Confirmation Summer 2012  
Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art 3601 North Ocean Drive, Lookout Tower, Hollywood North Beach Park, Sunrise Spring 2013 Click to read 
Seneca Review Baptism Spring 2011 Click to read 
Shadowbox The Ghost Spring 2011 Click to read 
Shadowbox Food Giant Spring 2011 Click to read 
Shadowbox 7-11 Spring 2011 Click to read 
Sinister Wisdom Eloise Klein Healy: A Woman of Landscape and Weather, a Poet with a Heritage of Flame Fall 2013  
Sonora Review  Traveling Winter 2007  
So to Speak Triptych of My Mother... Fall 2009  
So to Speak Triptych of My Father... Fall 2009  
Southampton Review The (Old) New World: Pioneering the Lyric Essay Spring 2012  
Southeast Review Bone Fall 2011  
Southeast Review Third Door Fall 2007  
Southern Indiana Review The Big Picture Summer 2014  
Southern Indiana Review Four Eyes in a Dark Room Fall 2009  
South Loop Review Triptych of My Grandmother... Fall 2010 Click to read 
Structure & Style The Poem as a Map of the World Spring 2014 Click to read 
Tampa Review A Life under Water Spring 2010  
The Iowa Review It's a Long Story, But Basically: Four Blurbs of Denise Duhamel's Blowout in Lieu of a Review Spring 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus Perfectly/Unfinished: Richard Blanco's Looking for the Gulf Motel Evinces the Power of Poetry as Memoir Spring 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus My Body Alive, and Inevitable: Stacey Waite Brutally and Beautifully Unfolds the Origami of Embodiment in Butch Geography Spring 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus There's No Place like Sisterhood: A Review of Julie Enszer's New Collection of Poems Spring 2014 Click to read 
The Rumpus Ann Lauterbach's Under the Sign: An Unrivaled Poetics of Challenge and Enchantment Spring 2014 Click to read 
The Rumpus Onomatopoeias and Big Ideas: Noah Eli Gordon's The Year of the Rooster Fall 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus Vexed Incantations: A Review of Bruce Beasley's Postmodern Poetic Treatise, Theophobia Spring 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus A Sort of a Song: Jan Beatty's The Switching/Yard Makes Bold, Visceral Music Summer 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus Interview with John Dufresne Summer 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus Let no harm come to the dark you have made: Reading Kiki Petrosino's Hymn for the Black Terrific as a Catechism for Contemporary Poetics Summer 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus The Fruitful Union of Neoformalism and Social Action: A Review of Kim Bridgford's Bully Pulpit Summer 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus Interview with Denise Duhamel Spring 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus Another code fathoms forth: The Poetics of Deluge and Discovery in Joshua Marie Wilkinson's Swamp Isthmus Fall 2013  
The Rumpus The Rumpus Interview with Denise Duhamel Spring 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus The Rumpus Interview with John Dufresne Summer 2013 Click to read 
The Rumpus The Play's the Thing--Even When the Play's a Poem: A Review of Rochelle Hurt's The Rusted City Spring 2014 Click to read 
The Rumpus Interview with Maureen Seaton Winter 2014 Click to read 
The Seattle Review Hourglass (V) Spring 2014  
THEthe Poetry Blog If you remain stationary long enough, someone/will bump into you, OR The Poetry Party is at Lauren Shapiro's House: A Review of Easy Math Fall 2013 Click to read 
Third Coast Bouquet Fall 2006 Click to read 
Triquarterly Put a Dog in There: Poetry and the Power of Concrete Nouns Fall 2014  
Tupelo Quarterly Prose & Cons: Considerations of a Woman with Two Genres Spring 2014 Click to read 
Tusculum Review, The Three Keys Fall 2008  
Weave Magazine My Father, Younger Fall 2011  
Weave Magazine Lucky Star Fall 2011  
Zone 3 Holy Orders Spring 2013 Click to read 
Showing 115 items